Protect your organisation from insider threats, cyber-attacks and unauthorised external access with Raz-Lee.

iSecurity features

Complete solution

Security, compliance and auditing for your IBM i operating system.

Powerful reporting

Over 300 in-built reports in multiple formats, plus a configurable report generator and scheduler.

Integrated suite

iSecurity products available individually, or as an integrated suite.

Productivity tools

Data manipulation tools with advanced file editing and reporting.

Flexible user interface

Choose between a web-based GUI or 5250 green screen interface.

iSecurity products

Having the infrastructure and tools in place to prevent malicious external attacks and internal threats is essential for safeguarding your IBM i systems. ISecurity’s prevention products from Raz-Lee Security provide exactly that.
With the proliferation of applications developed on the IBM i, it is vitally important to protect them from unauthorised access internally and externally while also monitoring user activities.
Whether you are looking to comply with PCI-DSS, Sarbannes-Oxley or Data Protection Act, iSecurity from Raz-Lee Security provides tools for meeting an organisation’s regulatory requirements.