Firewall- Secure Network Access

Firewall- Secure Network Access

Intrusion Prevention System for iSeries Servers

iSecurity Firewall is an all-inclusive Intrusion Prevention System securing every type of internal and external access to the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) server.

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iSecurity Firewall Features

    • End-to-End Protection covering:
      • TCP/IP and SNA communications access
      • 54 IBM i Exit Points including QIBM_QDB_OPEN (open database file), ODBC, Telnet, TCP/IP, FRP, remote commands and others
      • Uses DB-OPEN, as opposed to SQL and STRDBMON, which requires no parsing, minimal CPU, guarantees maximum accuracy and handles SAP, JDE, native I/O, predefined files and all SQL
      • User Level to Object Level security
      • Incoming and outgoing IP addresses
      • Configurable for particular days and times
      • Logging of SSH login and logout activity
    • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) – real-time detection of access attempts or other actions that have been blocked, optionally triggering automatic warnings and corrective actions. Alerts can be sent as an operator message, SYSLOG, e-mail, SMS (text to mobile), Twitter, SNMP and more. For more about SYSLOG integration with SIEM products click here.
    • Advanced reporting capabilities
      • Powerful report generator allows online report design and instant querying
      • Includes scheduler for standard, periodic and ad-hoc reports
      • Numerous report formats include e-mailing HTML, PDF, CSV attachments
  • Top-down network access rules design is logical and easy to use and uses Best-Fit algorithm to determine the most suitable rule for any security event
  • Includes simple wizards to build rule definitions based upon actual network access events
  • Complete, detailed log of all access attempts and transactions performed over the network, including GUI-based statistical analysis and “drill down” to historical network access data
  • Automatic maintenance process to manage logs daily, with no need for human intervention
  • Unique SQL support includes verb recognition, long names, analysis of embedded remarks, performance improvements
  • Port blocking capability

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